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The Reason People Don’t Like Going to Church is because they’ve BEEN to a Church.

This Easter season, you can fearlessly change the way your region thinks about church.


Your church can throw a huge, free party for families that will:

● Get them on your campus for the first time

● Allow guests to have fun at church
(while seeing that Christians aren’t weird!)

● Create a powerful, lasting memory in their minds.


This single outreach event will build positive trust within your community and the local news media.

When a family later becomes spiritually restless or experiences a crisis, they will think of your church first.


Fearless Leadership Network’s NEW Easter Egg Helicopter Drop Kit includes everything you need to quickly pull off your church’s outreach event of the year:

EggDropMockUp (1).png
  • How to Plan for Your Egg Drop

  • 4 Keys to Effective Promotions

  • Press Release Template that WILL Get Your Church Positive Local TV News Coverage

  • Attention-Grabbing
    Radio Script

  • How to Recruit an Army of Volunteers

  • Volunteer 411 Info Sheet


  • Ready-to-Edit PSD Files including:

    • Egg Drop digital logo design you can edit

    • Social Media Daily Countdown to Your Event

    • Invite Cards for Car Windshields to Bring Guests Back for Easter Sunday

  • Sample Photos for Local Press Releases

  • Hilarious Egg Drop Video to Win Your Congregation’s Hearts for this Outreach Event

  • Complete Personal Access to the Fearless Leadership Network for any on-going questions or advice needed to make your event a success!