Comedy sites + TikTok videos are thriving while pews are empty and church online is hampered by mediocrity.

It doesn't have to be this way. 
Today's church leaders need a Holy Shift. 
Revealing the secrets of popular comedians, author Jonathan Herron provides a fresh approach to biblical leadership.


In a post-COVID19 World, 
you can either Go Google or Go Amish.

Go Google and take your church further, faster!
Jonathan Herron leads one of the fastest-growing churches in America and understands how to make a Holy Shift toward digital online ministry in this New Normal.

Discover how to rally your team with a fresh new vision + new tools for quickly reaching people far from God via online livestreams and social media platforms.

The all-new Making a Holy Shift Video Series includes:
  • 15 on-demand video teachings with Jonathan Herron
  • Signed copy of the new Second Edition of Holy Shift
  • New e-book on reopening your church in  a post-COVID19 world: Making a Holy Shift
  • 3 months of online coaching cohort with Jonathan Herron via an exclusive + private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute personal phone call with Herron where you can Ask Anything and receive personalized leadership coaching!

You can quickly reach more people far from God via online tools.
You can do it, we can help!


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