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I believe in you.  You have what it takes to lead your church forward to healthy growth.
You can do it.  I can help.

Before you download the free resources below, I want to invite you to join the Church Growth Network.
It’s a 9 Month Coaching Program for pastors + church planters who want to lead a healthy and growing church.

We coach church leaders from all denominations and all traditions.  The common tie that binds is a love for the local church and a belief that leadership is a stewardship opportunity.

Free Resources for Church Leaders

Preaching Calendar Template

Use this Excel document to plan your preaching for the next twelve months.

Annual Calendar Template

This Excel calendar template will help you look at an entire year in the life of your church.

Org Chart

This OmniGraffle file can be quickly changed and customized to document the leadership structure in your church.

Goal Board

This PDF will help you take a big-picture look at your year and your quarterly goals.

Staff Clarity Worksheet

Part of your job at Chief Clarity Officer is to clarify roles and goals for everyone on your team. This Excel document will help you document everything. Once it’s complete, share it with everyone and keep everyone on the same page.

Personal Leadership Development Plan

Use this as inspiration to decide how you’re going to grow as a leader. Remember, plans trump goals every time.

It's time to get started.

Church Growth Network provides you with more than 50 other documents and resources, and we add more each month.  

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