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The Five Enemies of Unity
by Jonathan Herron on June 21st, 2022
I am currently deep into the process of my doctoral studies through Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University.  My experience thus far has been fantastic and I have learned so much not only about my cognate of Evangelism & Church Planting, but more importantly I've learned so much about myself.The focus now in this later track of my cognate is to complete 4 research projects that become pa...  Read More
How To Make Your Vision a Reality in 3 Easy Steps
by Jonathan Herron on June 6th, 2022
PRAYERPray for God to give you a white-hot vision; a picture of what the future COULD be and SHOULD be.PLANWrite out a plan from Point A to Point B to Point C of all the steps required to make your vision a reality.PERSPIREThen, move the plan forward by taking action! Do not allow PRAYER to become an EXCUSE for INACTIVITY.  If God has called you to it, He will bring you through it.Remember these 3...  Read More
Less Swagger, More Humility
by Jonathan Herron on May 27th, 2022
...  Read More
The Three Struggles of Pastors
by Jonathan Herron on May 25th, 2022
THE THREE STRUGGLES OF PASTORS- by Chad Graves -In the last week I have had meetings with multiple pastors. It has been a reminder and an eye-opener. Pastors all over the country are dealing with intense stress. Recently, 3 different churches asked me if I knew of anyone I would recommend as a possible candidate for them. Many churches are without pastors. I will repost something I worked on a cou...  Read More
How to Quickly Reach People Far From God
by Jonathan Herron on May 17th, 2022
I’m not concerned about being criticized for taking risks to reach people far from God.  I’m concerned about not being criticized. Recently I was invited to teach a breakout session at a conference in Chicago based on my book, Holy Shift.  The topic was so popular among church leaders that we ran out of seats!I had fun sharing my journey in comedy and ministry, the unique story God is writing at L...  Read More
What It Takes to Build Something Great
by Jonathan Herron on May 15th, 2022
Are you ready to climb the mountain again? Maybe you've set goals for yourself or your business. Maybe you've decided to take a risk. Whatever it may be, I know this much to be true: with a little hard work and consistency, anyone has the ability to build something good. But what does it take to build something GREAT? 1. A PACE THAT WILL LAST A LONG TIMEI recently heard this quote about money that...  Read More
Keeping It R.E.A.L.
by Jonathan Herron on May 12th, 2022
KEEPING IT R.E.A.L.I recently learned this acronym from a leader I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember.  He says that everything he does, he does through the lens of R.E.A.L. It stands for Relationship, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership. Let’s explore how to lead and live life through this lens.R - RelationshipVALUE YOUR RELATIONSHIPSAll of life flows from relationships. You can’t do l...  Read More
Improvise Adapt Overcome
by Jonathan Herron on May 3rd, 2022
Marines get stuff done.They face impossible missions yet always prevail. 2 Timothy 2:1-6 tells leaders to think like a Marine. During a recent Leadership Coaching Session, I shared 8 Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corp: Common Sense Principles for Success.I hope these 8 Leadership Lessons encourage you and your team to fearlessly lead your church to grow!...  Read More
4 Things We Owe Our Team
by Jonathan Herron on April 20th, 2022
We often think about what our team owes us -- what we expect from them.But there are four things we owe them, as well:1) GRACE: Not expecting them to be perfect.2) HONESTY: Shooting straight and being transparent.3) PROPER PLACEMENT: A place where they can thrive.4) PRAYER: This opens our hearts to them and provides wisdom and insight to love them....  Read More
3 Ways to Become an Inspirational Leader
by Jonathan Herron on April 19th, 2022
Are you an inspirational leader? There are three steps you can take right now to become more inspirational:  #1 = Lead with the why People need to know the purpose behind the work. Particularly over the past few years, team members have determined that they want to give their lives to something that matters. #2 = Celebrate progressLook back. Make sure everyone on the team knows that you see what t...  Read More
Dealing with Religious Rock-Throwers
by Jonathan Herron on April 5th, 2022
I hopped on the treadmill and fired up my iPad to catch up on the day's headlines. I wasn’t prepared for the news from The Washington Post: Billy Graham’s grandson steps down from Florida megachurch after admitting an affair. My heart dropped and I felt deep compassion for the family.If your first response to someone’s failure isn’t forgiveness, then you have missed the gospel. Nobody is perfect. ...  Read More
Developing Leaders
by Jonathan Herron on March 21st, 2022
Listen, nothing is going to work in your church if EVERYTHING has to go through you.Like sands sifting through an hourglass, you will become the middle squeeze that slows everything down.In Numbers 11, Moses grew frustrated in leadership.  He even started to see his people as a BURDEN instead of a BLESSING!If that's you, it's time to develop more leaders:Carve out strategic time to take out an eme...  Read More
What It Takes to Be a Great Campus Leader
by Jonathan Herron on February 16th, 2022
What it takes to be a GREAT Campus LeaderBIG IDEA: Campus Leaders have Hustle + Intensity about the Total Guest ExperienceHustle = Self-Led CHASES Jesus on their own with passionINITIATIVE - Does not need constant motivationJon would rather REIGN IN a STALLIONthan MOTIVATE a MULE!Secure as a Son of the House (Old Testament Idea)- Son of the House > Hired Hand- As the House spreads out, the Sons ha...  Read More
What is the Cause of Church Splits?
by Jonathan Herron on January 30th, 2022
Nobody enjoys a car wreck, but we all inevitably slow down in traffic to peer out the window as we drive by, attempting to ascertain what happened and to (hopefully) learn something that will prevent such a tragedy from happening to us.With over 20 years of full-time ministry under my belt (plus another 20+ as a pastor's kid), I've seen my share of ugly wrecks in church world.  I'm sure you've als...  Read More
Beating Creativity Constipation
by Jonathan Herron on January 27th, 2022
Leaders and comedians share the same struggle: Creativity Constipation.You know that great idea is in your noggin' somewhere, but it just isn't coming out.Dry seasons happen; the inspiration is quenched and decisions become tougher to make.I remember talking with my improv teacher Mick Napier (pictured above) back in my Chicago comedy days about what to do when you don't know what to do.  Mick gav...  Read More
8 Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corps
by Jonathan Herron on January 21st, 2022
Marines get stuff done.They face impossible missions yet always prevail. 2 Timothy 2:1-6 tells leaders to think like a marine. During a recent Coaching Session, I shared 8 Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corp: Common Sense Principles for Success.I hope these 8 Leadership Lessons encourage you and your team to fearlessly lead your church to grow!...  Read More
Fighting Your Fears Through Laughter
by Jonathan Herron on January 19th, 2022
The late Dr. Martin de Maat had a profound impact on my life (I wrote about that here). He was not only my professor and mentor, he was a close friend (Martin was even one of my wedding groomsmen!). Dr. de Maat taught me so much not only about improvisational-comedy, but more importantly about the joy of doing life together:"What happens... in being with each other in acceptance and Yes And-ing ea...  Read More
Leading Through Change - When Staff Members and Church Members Leave
by Jonathan Herron on January 15th, 2022
Notes from Dale O’Shields’ presentation: Leading Through Change -- When Staff and Members Leave. Staffing is a Key Decision1 Timothy 5: “Do not lay hands on a man suddenly.” Any staff hire is a very important, sobering decision. Be slow to hire.You want to hire someone who is focused on the TOWEL, not the TITLE. You are here to SERVE.2. Have a Process in Place for Evaluating Staff and Key Voluntee...  Read More
It's Time to Strip
by Jonathan Herron on May 15th, 2020
My friend Bob Goff just said something to me over the phone that absolutely challenged me to the core:“Take some time to look at the rules you’ve made for yourself and start stripping away your limiting beliefs!”Wow.We are all waking up to a new and different world.Instead of fearing the future and being paralyzed by the unknown, what if we instead embraced this forced sabbatical and made positive...  Read More
Make It Happen
by Jonathan Herron on May 15th, 2020
There are moments in life where you can't overthink your reaction.  All you can do is pivot and make it happen.Take for instance the adoption of our youngest: Alysia Hope.Adoption wasn't even on our minds. We thought our family was complete with four kiddo's and a wiener dog to boot.Isn't it funny how life interrupts our perfectly-laid plans?That's when we got the phone call out of the blue: The b...  Read More
5 Questions to Ask If Your Church Feels Stuck
by Jonathan Herron on October 23rd, 2019
Churches get stuck all the time.Too often we can find ourselves doing ministry out of memory.For what it's worth, here are 5 Important Questions for Fearless Leaders to ask... 400 years ago Protestants fled England and came to the New World to set up churches... for themselves.  If your church is insider-focused, it's because of our Pilgrim heritage!Ignite your passion for what ignites God's heart...  Read More
Laughter + Love: The Secret Sauce of 21st Century Church Leadership
by Jonathan Herron on October 22nd, 2019
I had a BLAST sharing about what God is doing at the church I love, partying with Chris Farley, PLUS how EXCITED I was to open for LEE STROBEL at the Outreach Summit! Jonathan Herron is the Founding and Teaching Pastor of Life Church Michigan, the 11th Fastest Growing Church in America (Outreach Magazine, 2019). Jonathan says the two main ingredients to church leadership in the 21st century are la...  Read More