Micky Dolenz Celebrates The Monkees

This past April, I won a pair of concert tickets to see Micky Dolenz Celebrates The Monkees. 

I promptly asked my Mom to be my date for the evening in Akron, Ohio.

Life got in the way and I never got around to sharing this concert review.

So with my apologies, here is what transpired.
I have attended TEN concerts with either the full Monkees playing or solo concerts from the likes of Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz.  

I even was at one of Michael Nesmith's final appearances in Detroit last November, just a few short weeks before his passing in December.

From the moment Micky Dolenz took the stage and deftly crooned the lyrics about that last train heading toward Clarksville, the entire audience was smitten.  

Micky has never sounded better live and he was even singing the songs in their original pitch -- remarkable for a man touring in his 70's!
Micky's personal stories from The Monkees run in the late 1960's were engaging and entertaining as he took the audience through the greatest hits catalogue and then some.

What I found remarkable were the never-before-seen photos and film from Dolenz's private archive of that time in his life.  

I did my best to capture them in total in the bootleg concert videos below.
Being the last Monkee standing, Micky did a wonderful job of spotlighting each of his fallen comrades through special film shorts.  

Though the four Monkees were originally actors hired for a t.v. show, you could tell that their lives had been magically been woven together over a half century of enduring entertainment by the way Dolenz honored Nesmith, Tork, and Jones.
Micky's band was equally fantastic, the highlights being Richard Dort killing it on drums, Wayne Avers on lead guitar and musical guitar, plus Dolenz's precious sister Coco on back-up vocals.
Micky Dolenz continues to crank out new solo projects while also holding the torch for The Monkees.  

In fact, he'll be here in Michigan in a few weeks for an event (I've put in an interview request to his management, no response yet.  Micky, if you see this, could we make this happen... please?).

And we'll all continue cheering so long as Dolenz keeps monkeeing around.
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