Developing Leaders

Listen, nothing is going to work in your church if EVERYTHING has to go through you.

Like sands sifting through an hourglass, you will become the middle squeeze that slows everything down.

In Numbers 11, Moses grew frustrated in leadership.  He even started to see his people as a BURDEN instead of a BLESSING!

If that's you, it's time to develop more leaders:

  • Carve out strategic time to take out an emerging leader for coffee and pour into them.  
  • Film a quick 2 minute video on one big idea and post it in a private Facebook Group for your invite-only leaders.
  • Remember that when I do a job for others, I take a job from others!

If you're waiting around for "the right people" to appear in your church, well, keep waiting.
Because the nasty little secret is that "the right people" are actually FOUND and DEVELOPED!

You can do it, I can help.

Hit me up at https://ChurchGrowth.Network and see what God can do through you!

Jonathan Herron

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