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Staying organized is a constant battle when you're leading a growing church.

For what it's worth, there are several tech tools that I've discovered which make my life happy.

Here are the tools I use.

1. ReMarkable

I am a HUGE notetaker and constantly am churning through Moleskins.  The problem I have is keeping my various notes organized by subject and having no way to quickly access my notes digitally.  

Enter ReMarkable.  Last year I invested in a ReMarkable 2 to reduce my clutter and, WOW, it does not disappoint!  ReMarkable 2 is a paper tablet, meaning unlike an iPad, it's sole purpose is to focus on the handwriting of notes and keep everything you write organized digitally.

No web browser.  No email.  No apps.  Just taking notes.

And it works beautifully.  Having ADHD, this device helps me focus with zero pop-ups.  While it syncs over wifi, there are no enticing distractions of surfing the web because there is no web browser.  Brilliant!

The experience of writing on my ReMarkable feels JUST LIKE I'm writing in my Moleskin!  I can't explain it -- the surface of the tablet is durable yet, unlike an iPad, it doesn't feel like I'm tracing on a glass veneer.

Further, I have the ability of creating Folders and Notebooks, so organizing my thoughts and work becomes second nature.  Everything syncs with my Dropbox and my handwritten notes can be automatically converted into text... I can even email them out from my device!

I can also import PDF's to write on and as I find articles online that I want to save and read later, a simple MacBook Chrome Extension sends the entire news article to my ReMarkable without all the annoying internet ads!

Get this: the battery lasts for WEEKS, which is something that gives Apple a run for its money.  
Another new feature I enjoy is Screen Share.  I can send my ReMarkable's screen into Zoom meetings or onto a separate viewer screen and draw diagrams or sketch out pictures for everyone to see.

The only thing I disliked in my experience was the Folio for storing my ReMarkable (the Folio was a separate purchase).  My magnetic marker wouldn't stay attached when transporting my Folio in my briefcase and I found myself constantly fishing around the bottom of my bag to find my ReMarkable Marker.

That said, I highly recommend the ReMarkable 2.  
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2. Subsplash

Our church is 3.5 years into our relationship with Subsplash for our website, App and giving strategies.  I continue to be impressed with Subsplash's fast customer service and the constant roll-out of new digital products that we quickly put into use at Life Church.

Without a doubt, Subsplash boasts the most robust Media Solutions I have ever seen in over twenty years of digital ministry.  Uploading videos of our messages is a breeze (and automatic if you use Subsplash Live).  

Podcasting and cross-posting to our church App is simple and seamless with Subsplash's user-friendly Dashboard.  New topic and Scripture tags help to catalogue past message series for viewers to find what they are looking for.

We've also made the switch to Subsplash Giving which offers us the cheapest solution for online giving.  Seriously, I did the math.  The percentage paid to Subsplash is the smallest amount compared to what you have to pay PushPay, Tithely, and all the other online giving platforms.  A fun bonus feature is that Subsplash keeps track of how much money you're saving and they give you what they call Growth Curve Credits throughout the year... free money for your church!

Subsplash is a little pricey on the front end, but I promise you it's worth every penny.
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3. StickerMule

This simple website is amazing!  Whenever I need bumper stickers or magnets, Sticker Mule is my favorite place to order from.  After all, who doesn't love a little animated donkey mascot?!

One cool feature on Sticker Mule is the free Trace tool.  Simply upload your favorite photo and Trace will automatically crop out the background, giving you a crisp digital cut-out of the person featured in your photo for download use!

Give Sticker Mule a try and get $10 off your first order using this Sticker Mule link.
Jonathan Herron is the Founding and Teaching Pastor of Life Church Michigan, the 11th Fastest Growing Church in America (Outreach Magazine, 2019).

Jonathan says the two main ingredients to church leadership in the 21st century are laughter and love.

Laughter because comedy clubs are packed and our pews are empty; using the principles of improv-comedy can help church leaders unleash authenticity and the love of Christ.

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