What It Takes to Be a Great Campus Leader

Episode 73


What it takes to be a GREAT Campus Leader

BIG IDEA: Campus Leaders have Hustle + Intensity about the Total Guest Experience

  1. Hustle = Self-Led 
  • CHASES Jesus on their own with passion

  • INITIATIVE - Does not need constant motivation
    Jon would rather REIGN IN a STALLION
    than MOTIVATE a MULE!

  • Secure as a Son of the House (Old Testament Idea)

    - Son of the House > Hired Hand
    - As the House spreads out, the Sons have to protect the UNITY of the House

    - Heart of an Heir; Understands their role in the House
    - What we can do TOGETHER is GREATER than what we can do APART!

    - A Son is not focused on their title or accolades.
    - A Son understands their inheritance is in the future.

    - A Son works HARDER because they are a Son, not a Hired Hand
    - Hired Hands wants a paycheck; Sons sacrifice for what’s best for the House.
    - Sons have the right HEART Attitude

  • Campus Leaders are not trying to build their OWN thing because they are HEIRS to the WHOLE thing!

2. Hustle + Intensity = Able to Gather More People to the Cause

  • Sons draw MORE people into the House; Employees draw people to themselves.

  • Charisma -- You gotta be likeable + Plant yourself where the Guests are!

  • Become Intensely Hyper about what Guests FEEL when they arrive.
  • We want every Guest to feel like a million bucks!

  • You must be the SPARK that inspires your teams to love + serve Guests!

  • Law of the Lid = YOU are the Lid of your campus.  If you are only a 7, expect your volunteers to rise to 5’s or 6’s.  

  • Humor Over Hammer -- Leverage a fun personality to connect with Guests and in High Touch during the weekdays.  People are attracted to fun-loving people!

  • Make The Ask -- Many people are just waiting for YOU to DIRECTLY and CLEARLY ask them to join in!

3.  Hustle to Empower People

  • You can have Control or Growth, but you can’t have BOTH.

  • Give away ministry -- Ephesians 4:12: “Equip the Lifers for ministry!”

  • It takes security to let go -- Success is having MORE volunteers on the team!

  • Make sure your new team members FEEL equipped -- double-check/over-communicate training resources and that YOU are cheering for them!

  • Empowered people have OWNERSHIP and are ALL IN!

  • Empowered people meet new friends and develop relationships.  Every first-time guest wants to feel known, first by YOU and then by OTHERS.

  • Guests need 7 new friends in 6 months in order to STAY at your campus.

4.  Reproduce Yourself

  • You are a Paul, recruit a Timothy (Ready Now) and a Titus (Ready in 6 Months).

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