One Day We Will Read Death's Obituary

Three of my children are African-American.
Before they entered my life, I did not fully understand.
Now when I see the news, their faces always flash through my mind.
It could be MY son or MY daughter.
It's personal.
None of us with white skin have pain because of our skin color.
My friends with different skin have stories. If you don’t know this get to know some folks.
Race conversations are uncomfortable but we need fearless leaders, especially in the church.
Ahmaud should be celebrating 26 today.
I knew Darrin Patrick when I was a church planter assessor for Acts 29 Network years ago.
His understanding of the Gospel sharpened me in ministry and life.
I was stunned by the news today of his death.
I am praying for his family today.
Ravi Zacharias' battle with terminal cancer is coming to a close.
He is a giant of Christian Apologetics.
His books line my bookselves.
It's been a heavy day with the weight of reality in the news.
One day we will read Death's obituary:

"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes
and eliminate death entirely.
No one will mourn or weep any longer.
The pain of wounds will no longer exist,
for the old order has ceased.”
 (Revelation 21:4, The Passion Translation)

Jonathan Herron

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